Soffit, Fascia and Siding

The siding of your home is one of the first things others will notice when passing by. If the color of your siding is fading, unattractive or your siding is damaged, then your home is losing value. Not only will your home lose its value, damaged siding, soffit or fascia will leave your home vulnerable to mold, mildew, rot and pests. 


A soffit is the ventilated underside of any overhang where your roof meets the siding. It's literal meaning is "something fixed underneath". 

A poorly built or poorly maintained soffit can serve as an entryway for moisture and unwanted pests such as; bird nests, bats, squirrels and insects. If you notice any issues, it is crucial that you contact us for inspection in a timely manner. Top-Notch will perform a free inspection and help you select the best option for replacement or repair. We replace and repair wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiber cement soffit. 


A fascia board is the surface that bookends the rafters of your home's roof. Often after we've removed damaged or rotted fascia boards we find an assortment of nuts. Not the good kind, the kind that squirrels leave behind. Similar to your soffit, the fascia is a common access point for pests. We can repair and replace all types of fascia boards. Let's get your home sealed up and pest free. 


Have you ever driven through a neighborhood in Putnam or Westchester and came across the one ugly colored house in the nice neighborhood? Don't be that house, it's an eye sore for your neighbors and anyone looking to move into your home or neighborhood. Top-Notch Construction installs and repairs all types of siding. Getting the job done right means installing durable siding and restoring the curb appeal of your home.